About me

Sarah Ruprecht
Owner of The Beauty Room

I was born in Tennessee in 1998 shortly after my father got a job in the area. I spent 20 years in the home-grown town of Cleveland before I moved to El Paso, Texas. I’m back now, but we will get to that.

After graduating high school in 2016, I started college at a community college in my town. Hated it. Went through a early-mid-life crisis, and dropped out. I spent a few months working as a server at a corporate restaurant and fell in love with my job. I met life long friends and grew as a person (working with the public will do that to you.)

It’s now December 2018, I’m still a server and I meet a guy through a mutual friend. I had lost many loved ones and didn’t want to bring anyone new into my life that I could lose. Regardless, I decided to give it a chance. I don’t know if it’s the way his eyes lit up when he was talking to me, or if it was the way he could love anything back to life, and that’s exactly what he did to me. The Grinches heart grew bigger that Christmas.

I decided to go back to school and remembered quickly why I hated it so much. So, I finished the semester and enrolled in Esthetics school (Thanks to my hubs for pushing me to pursue my passions). In may 2019 we got engaged, and on August 31, 2019, we got MARRIED! Shortly after, I packed my things that were still in boxes from moving back to my parents house, and drove 1,500 miles to my new home in El Paso, Texas.

A few weeks went by and I struggled. I felt alone. I was so used to being surrounded by tons of friends and family. However, I made it through.

My husband’s time in the Army was up and it was time to move back home. Once settled in, I ran into a childhood friend. With my childhood friend was a woman named Taelor and her mother. They began to tell me about a “spalon” opening up in Downtown Cleveland. I wasn’t interested because I was content as a bartender. However, God switched some things up and made it clear that bartending was not my forever career. So, I dug out Taelor’s business card from the bottom of my purse and called her. Upon arriving at the salon, I immediately felt at peace.

We talked, and it became clear that the series of events that had happened, happened for a reason. It was in that moment that I decided to make the jump to become a solo Esthetician.

It wouldn’t be easy. In fact, it was really hard. Most days, it still is hard.. but I love it. My heart is happy and I glow differently knowing that I am doing what keeps my soul shining.

What have I learned?

  • Helping others is life changing.
  • Makeup is fun.
  • Owning a small business is not easy… but is so worth it.

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