The top 5 shows on Hulu right now


This reality TV show is exactly as it says. The camera crew ran by Arnold Shapiro follows around children 18 and under as they tour a local prison. Where the prison guards take them cell to cell to literally scare them straight. The show is inspired by “Scared Straight!” the Academy award and multi Emmy winning documentary. These teens take pride in their cruel acts toward their parents, peers, and even themselves. They feed off of danger and sins. Some come out changed and others come out worst. Watch for yourself to see who makes it out alive.


This show a super-natural, but oh-so-real American drama created by Jeff Rake. 191 passengers board their flight, having no idea what is headed their way. As the flight continues, Ben (Josh Dallas), Cal (Jack Messina), Michaela (Melissa Roxburgh) and the other 188 passengers experience some severe turbulence. The flight eventually evens out and prepares to land. When the pilot gets in touch with the upcoming airport, he begins to realize all is not as it seems. Upon landing, the crew and passengers realize they have been missing for a whopping five years. But, to their knowledge, it had only been a few hours. As the series continues, more unveils about the flight and the family that nobody could have seen coming.


Season 1 consists of 7 Americans that believe they have found their soulmate. The only catch is, their soulmate is in another country. Some are plane flights away, while others are many moons away. These couples met online through dating apps and websites. During the trip, these Americans will uncover the good, the bad, and the ugly about their new partner as they embark on this wild adventure. (Pictured: Couples from Season 1)


Hoarders; an inside look to these painfully full homes of clutter and heartbreak. Hoarding is a mental disorder just like any other. Although it doesn’t affect as many, it is still a huge problem in the US as well as many other surrounding countries. The shows’ camera crew follows around the multiple workers that have been hired to clear the home. These workers include: A Therapist/Doctor/Psychiatrist, professional organizers, a large clean up crew, and the necessary support of their immediate family and friends. Some end beautifully while others end up worst than they started. Be warned, this show is not for those with a weak stomach.


As an attempt to lower gang related activity, drug abuse in the jails, and corruption from the correctional officers, the Clark County Sheriff hires fake inmates. We still aren’t sure how they find people who willingly will go to jail, but they get it done. These 6 inmates are given a cover story to tell, and are treated as true inmates. None of the wiling participants know of the other. This is to help them keep their act up for the entire 60 days and prevent them from sticking together just to get by. Some former military and some current moms will take on the grueling task of 2 months in jail while camera crews follow them along the way. Oh, yah, that is Muhammed Ali’s daughter.

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