Amazon Needs

With Christmas right around the corner, I know you’re in for some good deals and last minute gifts. Lucky for you, I have personally put all of these to the test and love them. Amazon Prime and chill, am-i-right?

Wooyaya 12 piece Scrunchies

Great quality & long lasting.

Furrino Siplistic End Tables (set of 2)

For those of you on a tight budget. Both of these end tables only cost $27.72, and you have a choice of nine color options. I have “French Oak Grey/Grey.” Light weight and easy to put together!

Mybecca Set of 4 – 18″x18″ Pillow Inserts

These inserts are my secret to having every season of pillows covered. Below, I have my favorite fall pillow covers. 18″x18″ is the most common size.

AENEY Fall Pillow Covers 18×18 inch Set of 4 

These are my current fall faves. Pillow covers are a year round thing, and super easy to come by. Most stores (Hobby Lobby and Walmart) have some. Keep your eyes peeled, because they are a cheap alternative to decorative pillows!

iDecos Phone Pockets

This saves me from carrying around a bulky purse all the time. It is snug enough on your cards, and will restick multiple times. 16 covers available!

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