How to Save Bathroom Space

My sister in law made these adorable decorative jars for my wedding. Since I am an obsessively sentimental person, I had to incorporate these into my house. Although I couldn’t use all fifty jars, I had to use two of them. It is super convenient, saves space, and made for a cute decoration!

Check out my “must haves” post for the info on my favorite scrunchies here.

Convenient decor

It isn’t necessarily pretty, but it makes my bathroom functional. I’m the girl that will go out of my way to hide the remote and make my home look “put together.” So, I put that personality trait aside.. and I am loving it. Click here for the link to my current favorite hanging jewelry organizer.

Shelves, shelves, shelves!

This 5 tier shelf from Target was a life saver. With our only storage being under the sink, I had to resort to another option. This shelf holds 3 towels, tons of products, toilet paper, and washcloths. I added some decor on top to make for a cozier feel.

Target always pulls me in with their $1-$3 sale aisle. Baskets can get a bit pricey, but swing by their sale aisle to find a $2 basket like mine!

If you’re really ballin’ on a budget like me, give this a try. I am always saving old skin care jars for their multiple uses. I store my samples in this one. But, they are great for jewelry while traveling, etc.

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