Christmas on a budget

As a broke newly wed, I completely understand the want to give someone an extravagant gift for Christmas (Especially your new mother in law.. am I right?). Follow my Christmas gifting guide on a budget to save you time, money, and traffic.

Hobby Lobby Pro Tip: The store is almost always 40%-50% off. If the item you are needing isn’t, it will be next week. Except the Grapevine Wreaths. For anything that is never on sale, Hobby Lobby always offers a free 40% off coupon on their website!

seasonal/holiday wreath

The gift that keeps on giving.

Grapevine Wreath

18″ – $4.99

The obvious need.

Wired edge ribbon

2 1/2″ – $4.99

Wired ribbon sits the best on the wreath. As it holds it position (even through wind).

Floral Wire


Wire will attach your ribbon to the wreath.

Hot Glue Gun


You already knew this was coming.

Decorative Sign


Lastly, choose a sign. Or don’t. Your choice.

Interchangeable Ribbon


Like I said, the gift that keeps on giving. At the next birthday, they get a new seasonal ribbon. It’s perfect and cheap! You’re going to want ribbon that has a wried edge.

santa’s cookies in a jar

Mason Jar


This 12 pack of 32 ounce mason jars is the cheapest out there! Which means, you now have twelve Christmas gifts.

Matte Paint


I chose red for obvious reasons to paint the jars. I decided to stick with just painting the lid. As it shows off the cookies inside.



Make yourself a pretty little knot around the top with your gift tag attached.

Gift Tags


My personal favorite, yet so unnecessary gift tags. They are customizable and match the jars theme perfectly.

Wedding Cake Cookies

Price varies (mostly house hold ingredients)

You could choose any cookie, but these are my personal favorite. They remind me of snow and taste delicious. See my Secret Recipes page for more info!

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